What We Do

We are cultivating a coalition of Black women who are leading communities, institutions, and systems in the creation of multi-generational wealth and change where they live and serve. Highland Leaders...

  • View the world with abundance and are committed to making deep, multi-generational change for Black communities
  • Believe well being and self preservation are essential strategies to achieving change
  • Proactively identify decisions, policies or practices that have disparate impacts based on identity and are driven to make structural changes to operationalize equity
  • Are in positions to influence and affect multi-generational change rooted in evidence and community voice
  • Do not go at it alone - they deeply value building collective strength within and outside of their organizations
  • Value and build authentic relationships across lines of difference and generations

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The Highland Experience

Building community, sustaining leadership, and catalyzing multi-generational change


Annually, we support a cohort of 15 Leaders through an 18 month experience.

Our experience is rooted in:
  • Sustaining leaders: We are unapologetically focused on well-being and self preservation.
  • Empowering individual and collective power: We create the space for leaders to explore what it will take to pursue legacies that result in multi-generational wealth and change.


We invest grant capital in Leaders’ legacy visions.

We provide every leader with a $100k investment to build their legacy visions, resulting in the creation of multi-generational wealth.


We seek to create a lasting, multi-city and -disciplinary network that continues to convene leaders and supports the network in realizing collective power.

In five years, the Highland Project will have:
  • Cultivated 75 Black women in positions of power working to imagine, design, build and sustain solutions that create multi-generational wealth.
  • Invested $7.5M in Black women leading solutions that advance educational equity, economic outcomes, well-being, and/or political agency for Black communities.

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