What We Do

Community. Capital. Legacy.

When we center our collective strength, power, and humanity as Black women, the possibilities are endless.


We are a national, interdisciplinary network of Black women leaders who are creating multi-generational wealth building opportunities and impact in their communities around the country.


We support Leaders with the tools needed to spark and sustain change, including $100K in unrestricted, charitable capital to imagine and build their visions.


When we center our collective strength, power, and humanity as Black women, the possibilities are endless.

I’ve been involved in lots of different fellowship programs, but The Highland Project is different. It was designed for and is about and speaks to my Black womanhood in ways that other things just don’t.”

– Kaya Henderson, Inaugural Highland Leader and Former Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools

Everything begins and ends with a sustained Black woman leader.

We invest in-kind and charitable gifts in Black women leaders across four sectors essential to building equitable opportunity, and redefining wealth.
Investment areas:


Economic empowerment

Political agency


To date, our coalition represents 45 Black women across the nation who have participated in the Highland Experience, an 18-month journey rooted in sustaining leaders, empowering individuals and the collective, adaptive leadership, and lifelong learning.

Highland Leaders FAQs

The Highland Project means sisterhood to me. We have built a community of women who have each other’s backs. Who are invested in each other’s joy, and care, and rest. And that is an incredible gift.”

– Amanda Alexander, Inaugural Highland Leader and Founding Executive Director of Detroit Justice Center

To spark multigenerational change, we are reimagining what it means to invest in
Black women.

The Highland Legacy Fund is core to the fulfillment of our mission. THP believes that centering, empowering, and sustaining Black women leadership is essential to structural change for Black communities — and, this requires increased access to capital for Black women leadership. We advance that belief through direct, unrestricted funding for Highland Leaders who are driving bold solutions resulting in multi-generational wealth and change for Black communities.

Highland Legacy Fund Investments

When Black women are supporting Black women, it’s different because we know - Highland women, Leaders, Gabrielle - knew what we needed because she needed it too. So the Highland way is all about Black women supporting Black women. That’s what makes Highland so different, is because it is about us.”

– Katara McCarty, Inaugural Highland Leader and Founder of Exhale App

It’s time to shift the dialogue about wealth to a dialogue about equitable opportunity.

Research, policy, and narratives create the rules of opportunity. We invest in research and narratives centering the voices, needs, aspirations, and power of Black women across the country.
Together with Highland Leaders, The Highland Project is co-creating a holistic definition of wealth with key policy priorities by 2025.