Building a country where all of us can thrive starts with investing in Black women leaders

The Highland Project envisions a world where Black women imagine, design, build, and sustain structural change to create an equitable society where Black communities thrive.

The Highland Project is building and sustaining a coalition of Black women leading communities, institutions, and systems, resulting in the creation of multi-generational wealth and change in the communities where they live and serve.

Our Values What We Do

Wealth in America is opportunity.

The net wealth of a typical Black family in America is around one-tenth of a white family

Black women are paid $0.58 for every $1 a white man makes

Black women are three times more likely to die in pregnancy and postpartum

Black women are 7.5 years ‘older’ than white women because of stress related aging alone

Opportunity in America will never be equitable until we invest in Black women.

Our stories as Black women are one of power. We:

Earn 71% of master’s and 65% of doctoral degrees conferred on Black students

Drive economic power: our spending power is estimated at over $565 billion

Have registered and voted at higher rates than their male counterparts in every election since 1998

And yet we are under-considered in leadership positions driving wealth creation.

0% Governors and U.S. Senators are Black women

0.2% of Fortune 500 CEOs are Black women

3.6% of School Superintendents are Black women

When Black women win, we all win.

Black women are essential to the future prosperity of this nation. They have a long standing track record of creating and sustaining solutions representing intellectual, economic, and electoral power. To realize the power of Black female leadership requires multi-year and multi-million dollar investments.

Building a better America requires we listen to, center, invest in and sustain Black women.

If the country eliminated racial disparities in health, education, incarceration and employment, the U.S. economy could be $8 trillion larger by 2050.

Our Values What We Do