Listening & Centering Black Women

Centering the needs, concerns and dreams of Black women leaders will create a truth path to equity

Since 2021, we’ve listened to over 1400 Black women across America with our partner Cornell Belcher at brilliant corners Research and Strategies. Here’s what we heard.

We are defining our futures on our own terms - and not primarily by salary.

Living a successful life is not just about dollars in pocket. Success is…

  • #1 Living honestly and ethically

  • #2 Achieving economic independence

  • #3 Enjoying loving relationships with family

  • #4 Pursuing educational goals

  • #5 Having a rewarding job

We care about our future - and future generations.

Next to saving enough for retirement, the top anxiety for Black women is their community receiving an excellent education.

Black women worry almost everyday about:

Saving enough for retirement

Paying bills

Young people getting a good enough education

Cost of healthcare

Racial discrimination is the top barrier to building our futures.

Across two years of polling, racial discrimination continues to be the key hurdle to success and building multi-generational wealth.

Over of Black women experience racism in their everyday life

Economic conditions are getting worse, impacting our daily lives and futures.

The majority of Black women felt left out of the economy in 2022.

of Black women say economic conditions are getting worse

of Black women say their own wages are falling behind the cost of living

Moving from rhetoric to action

We must center and invest in Black women.

There is no future prosperity in America without Black women – when Black women win, everyone wins.

A holistic approach to building multi-generational wealth in Black communities is needed. Black women want leaders across sectors focused on a number of issues beyond the economy.

  • Lowering inflation and the cost of goods
  • Police reform
  • Improving K-12 education
  • Access to affordable higher education
  • Protecting voting rights
  • Access to quality and affordable healthcare
  • Protecting reproductive rights

Leaders across sectors must lean into addressing systemic racism explicitly.

Black women absolutely still care about racism and discrimination.

of Black women want leaders focused on racial discrimination and rights rather than just the economy

of Black women want leaders who will not ease or ban the truth of their history

2021 Report: Our Power, Our Legacy

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2022 Report: Not Another Box to Check

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