Let’s invest in the driving force of communities:
Black women.

The Highland Project is a coalition of Black women leaders who are designing and leading solutions that create multi-generational wealth and change for Black communities.

Black women have tremendous power and impact. The Highland Project invests in their visions.

Our Vision

Building a better America requires we listen to, center, invest in and sustain Black women.

Highland Project invests in the legacy visions of Black women— a set of structural solutions that yield multi-generational wealth in the communities they live in and serve—through capital, community care and collaboration.

What We Do

When Black women are together in community, we are the most powerful force in the universe.

Since 2020, The Highland Project has committed $4.5M in flexible, charitable capital to a coalition of 45 Highland Leaders across the country.

Our Impact

We invest in Black women leaders across four sectors essential to building equitable opportunity.

Highland Leaders are innovators from across the nation and generations who are driving bold solutions resulting in multi-generational wealth and change for Black communities.

Meet Highland Leaders

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Black women deserve spaces designed for and by us

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